Why do I need a Pro Headshot?

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Headshot photography is a must-have for all professionals. A quality headshot captures your likeness, but also distinguishes you from the competition. You must prove that you take yourself and your career serious. A headshot humanizes you in the eyes of employers, colleagues, and potential clients. Who will look to your headshot first when forming an impression? Your headshot must ignite a first impression that reflects the level of professionalism. Skybank Photography understands the nuances of capturing a headshot that meets industry standards. Looking natural and appealing while maintaining a serious yet inviting tone speaks volume.

Common Headshot Questions

Here are some common questions clients have that can be answered for you by Photographer Pwayko.

Often, we shoot onsite for companies who need team headshots. We can travel to your location with a pop-up studio and deliver the same high-quality service. For studio headshot sessions, enjoy the full service experience without the distractions.

Rest, sleep well, visit your barber or hair dresser, shave, hydrate. All good advice for your non-headshot days too. It’s worth trying on a couple of different outfit choices and checking for fit. Does the collar fit, do you look good and feel great? If the answer is yes then pack those outfits. Make sure that you have a very clear idea about the different use cases you have in mind for using your headshot.

You don’t have to book a hair and makeup artist for your shoot. Yet, we recommend the extra benefit of booking our professional hair and makeup, or your own. If you book a hair and makeup specialist, call us for more details on space requirements.

We don’t use make up or powders on men to diminish shine on the skin. Yet, we wont shame you if you do want makeup. Our Actors usually lean toward makeup help. Prep for the photo session by wearing cosmetics that would feature the usual skincare regime. Regardless, our photoshop skills will make you picture perfect.

The most important consideration is how you feel in the clothes you choose. For professional headshots, it’s important to dress for the current role, or role you are aiming to achieve. Bring many outfits to try during the shoot session time. The more options you have, the more platforms you can apply images to.

Bring enough wardrobe to get a range of looks while still conforming to the norms in your industry. It’s not a bad idea to bring a couple of unique pieces. There’s no restriction on number of outfits that you can bring as long as we shoot all options within booking time.

Jewelry can be distracting being though its purpose is to draw the eye of the viewer. We want the viewer to look at your face and in to your eyes so jewelry is often not ideal. If you have pierced ears then it’s best to opt for studs or subtle jewelry. You are the focus!

We shoot tethered into a laptop or large screen in the studio to view accurate images. Reviewing every image as we go can be a distraction but we’ll take regular breaks to review the images. I help you choose the most flattering outfits for the lighting that applies to your style.

After the shoot, we’ll take a moment to grab a coffee or a cup of tea. I will review images with you to remove duplicates and blinking shots. We’ll look through them on a large screen and you’ll get expert advice on which images work best and why. Then we proceed with payment of images via credit card, zelle, or cash.

The session fee is due in full before the confirmation of your booking and is non-refundable. Individual image costs are unknown until photography session and make your image selections. Most client spend from $500-$1200 each session. We accept all major credit cards, Zelle, and Cash for payment.

We E-mail you a private digital gallery where you can download to any device. If you are in need of a specific size, we can help with that. For extra exiting for a specific background replacement will be an extra charge.

We don’t tie you in to any predetermined packages. You can buy as many images as you want for a per image price. If you are looking for a single image that’s fine, if you need 100 professional headshots that’s fine too. It’s important to us that you get exactly what you want from your shoot, no more and no less.

Our professional editing process…
– Skin retouching – removing blemishes and evening out skin tone
– Teeth whiting – perfecting smiles and brighting teeth
– Hair enhancement – hairs with background matching.
– Clothing adjustments – altering collar or a tie to be more inline
Editing in house to the highest standard of billboard and print possibilities.

Most images are delivered within 48 hrs from shoot date. Larger image quantities can increase the wait time.

We keep a backup of the edited images in a private storage at our studio. Your image gallery will be available for 1 year.

We don’t allow unedited images to leave the studio. If you are working with an agency or another third party who use their own editors, we can work something out.

You can purchase more images following the shoot within two months of shoot date. Just contact us and we can get to work!

Headshot Photoshoot Process

Are you looking to book a headshot photography session? Excellent choice! A headshot is a powerful tool that can enhance your professional image and leave a lasting impression. Here's what you can expect from our headshot photography session:

  1. Consultation: Before the session, we'll have a consultation to discuss your goals, expectations, and any specific requirements. This will help us tailor the session to your unique needs and ensure we capture the essence of your personality.

  2. Planning: We'll work together to plan the logistics of the session, including location, wardrobe, and any props or accessories you might want to incorporate. This preparation will help us create a cohesive and visually appealing set of images.

  3. Professional Setup: On the day of the shoot, I will provide a professional setup, including lighting equipment and backdrops, to create the perfect atmosphere for your headshots. I'll make sure everything is in place to showcase your best features.

  4. Relax and Be Yourself: During the session, my priority is to create a comfortable and relaxed environment where you can be yourself. I will guide you through various poses and expressions to capture your authentic self, ensuring that you feel confident and at ease in front of the camera.

  5. Attention to Detail: I have a keen eye for detail, and I will pay close attention to every aspect of the shoot, from lighting and composition to your posture and facial expressions. This meticulous approach guarantees that we capture the best version of you.

  6. Image Review and Selection: After the session, we will review the images together. You'll have the opportunity to select your favorite shots, and I'll provide guidance and suggestions based on my expertise. We want to make sure you're thrilled with the final results.

  7. Retouching and Delivery: Once you've made your selections, I will retouch the chosen images to ensure they look polished and professional. I'll enhance colors, remove blemishes if necessary, and make any necessary adjustments to create a final product that exceeds your expectations. The final images will be delivered to you digitally in high resolution, ready to be used for your intended purpose.

A headshot photography session is an investment in your personal brand and professional image. Let's work together to create a set of captivating headshots that will make a lasting impact. Contact me to book your session and let's showcase the best version of you!


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    “Walk with confidence into the modern corporate world. Professional Headshot Photography serves value to websites, LinkedIn profiles, and business cards. People are prone to judge your potential in a second, and that first headshot impression will help them choose you. A Professional Headshot makes you a favorite or lands your resume in a dustbin. Let me help you stand out and move forward with your head held high.  You need to have a corporate headshot worth winning the appreciation of others. Peek consumer interest, reveal your personality and make the respect your experience.”

– Photographer Pwayko Skybank

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